keskiviikko 17. lokakuuta 2007

Mediracer Medica 2007 Düsseldorf 14. - 17.11.2007

Huomenta Helge, olemme Saksassa Medica2007 messuilla Düsseldorfissa 14-17.11.2007. Halli 16, stand A72; Huomenna lähden 5 päiväksi Sveitsiin. Olen ensi viikolla toimistolla.

Tervehdys Helge, lähden aamulla Puolaan, päivän kokous Varsovassa. Lähes 40 miljoonaa puolalaista odottelee.... Liitteenä pari HospiMedica 2007 julkaisun ad-infoa.

Terveisin Veijo

  • Mediracer Point of Care Carpal Tunnel diagnostik presenteras i Polen denna vecka.
  • Veijo Lesonen, thanks for the Mediracer ad for HospiMedia 2007. So you're in Poland this week presenting Mediracer Point of Care Diagnotic Testing.

HOSPIMedica 2007 of a
broader international scope

16 October 2007 Press Center BVV – Brno will become, for four days, a crossroad of medical business of Central and Eastern Europe.

The HOSPIMedica Fair has increased its international clientele, collective participations from Russia and Pakistan are new foreign exhibitors. Altogether more than 600 firms from 31 countries attend the fair.

Important domestic producers aimed in particular at exports present their top exhibits on the new stand INOVATEC, where they want to address customers from foreign countries. “We expect more foreign professionals than in the past years.

In cooperation with the Agency CzechTrade and our foreign representatives, we have prepared bus excursions for visitors from Central- and East-European countries,” says Director of the HOSPIMedica Fair Mrs. Věra Menšíková.

Twenty buses shall arrive from Slovakia, some more then from Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine or Russia.

“Decision makers from medical fields including senior consultants and hospital directors, businessmen in medical technology as well as other specialists are involved,” specified Manageress.

The commercial character of the fair shall be also supported by the new project BUSINESS POINT which will be staged on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Business Center in Hall E and the conference room Morava in Hall A “It will be an international workshop of an exact time schedule of business meetings.

Some vacant terms have been reserved for those who still hesitate, whether to come or not,” informed V. Menšíková. In addition to a high international character, this year’s HOSPIMedica also features an emphasized hi-tec of the contemporary healthcare.

Project BIOTEC is the only biotechnological show and conference in Central Europe, for the first time medical applications of nanotechnologies will be presented, and following last year’s success the 2nd International Congress of Robotic Surgery will be held.

For professional public altogether forty international congresses, conferences and seminars will be on the program – most in the history of the Brno Fair.

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